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5 of the craziest stories about Cristiano Ronaldo: La Liga 

5 of the craziest stories about Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. 3000 sit ups a day:

It is true that Cristiano Ronaldo is a fitness freak. It is also true that many of the athletes envy him and some make him their inspiration. That being said, the Portuguese superstar doesn’t miss any chance to show off. In many of his celebrations, Ronaldo hasn’t shied away from showing off his body especially his toned abs. In light of such celebrations, a rumor was circulated in 2009 from some of the British tabloids which said that Ronaldo was so obsessed with maintaining his abs that he used to do 3000 sit ups a day. It was not only ridiculous logically but also execution wise which Ronaldo laughed out unsurprisingly saying that he manages 1000 sit ups a week let alone one single day.

  1. Homosexual relationship with Badr Hari:

The former United winger is no less than a model when his stunning looks are considered. He is time and again linked with different models and beauties with controversies his daily bread and butter. That being said, many still believe that he is homosexual by nature and that he had a relationship with Moroccan kickboxing champion Badr Hari despite Hari being married. Fortunately, all those rumors were put to bed when Badr was jailed with assault charges in the Netherlands.

  1. Nicknames for Lionel Messi:

The rivalry between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo fans has always been intense. While the debate continues on whom being the best amongst the two, both Messi and Ronaldo have shared a healthy and professional relationship on the field. Contrary to what’s evident, Spanish journalist Guillem Balague sparked a controversy when he stated in his book that Ronaldo refers to Messi as a ‘motherf*****’. The claim was instantly denied by Ronaldo and it is surprising how Ronaldo and Messi have always behaved professionally on the pitch, rumors always try to create a spark between them.

  1. Plastic surgery:

With his amazing looks, Ronaldo has gain a huge amount of fans and haters. The haters haven’t shied away from spreading rumors suggesting that Ronaldo has undergone some plastic surgeries to look stunning as he does now. The rumors surgeries involve him rectifying his nose, hair and teeth in particular. In all fairness, everyone look different over a period of time and it is the same with Ronaldo.

  1. Escaped rape accusastions:

Last year, it was reported that Ronaldo was accused by an American woman for raping her in 2009. Apparently, Ronaldo’s lawyers along with the opposition’s lawyers met and settled the case by paying an out of court payment of $375,000. No significant details have been available about the accused story as Ronaldo’s management didn’t hesitate one bit to claim it as a journalist fiction and write it off. The story didn’t stand for long given that it didn’t have enough backup to the claims and it was a cruel baseless story from the German publication to publish it.

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