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5 things David Moyes must change at West Ham

5. Give hope

At the moment, West Ham United lack the faith and the hope that they could survive in the top division. With Slaven Bilic sacked, there is instability in the club which Moyes needs to rectify immediately. He needs to give the fans reasons to believe that the club can change things around. At Sunderland, Moyes made the mistake to admit that Sunderland had a bleak chance of surviving which resulted in a loss of confidence in both the players and fans. He surely should not do that at West Ham right now.

4. Bring defensive stability

West Ham United have some good players at the back who have proved themselves effective in the Premier League. Jose Fonte was once one of the most wanted defenders in England. Winston Reid has always done well with the Hammers. Zabaleta and Joe Hart have already proven themselves at City and the potential of Aaron Cresswell isn’t a secret. But what has lacked under Slaven Bilic was defensive organization. The Hammers have leaked 23 goals this season, the most by any club in the league which certainly is an issue Moyes has to resolve.

3. Win big matches

Bilic won the heart of the fans most when the Hammers beat the bigger teams in the league. While the chances of that happening right now are slim, Moyes needs to take this into account. He has Watford, Leicester and Everton next to face. These are teams with vulnerabilities and this is the perfect chance to exploit that and get a good phase started for the Hammers. Each point against any of these teams will be of utmost importance at the end of the season.

2. Win back the support of fans

The West Ham United fans immensely supported Slaven Bilic, even when things didn’t look great for him. Some even question his sacking but the point is, they have backed their manager time and again. If Moyes is to be successful with the Hammers, he has to win the support of the fans. It can only be done by playing some free flowing football and making sure that their game style ends in a productive way, resulting in points on the table.

1. Get the best out of Manuel Lanzini

Arguably, Manuel Lanzini is West Ham United’s best chance to get goals upfront. Obviously, there is Javier Hernandez but he needs to be supplied well and that is where Lanzini comes in. Under Bilic, Lanzini’s game was restricted in some ways and we could not see him exploit the opposite defence but Moyes can change that and allow Lanzini to make the difference on the pitch and help the Hammers survive relegation eventually.

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