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5 things you need to know about Manchester United’s new number 7 Alexis Sanchez Premier League 

5 things you need to know about Manchester United’s new number 7 Alexis Sanchez


  1. Sanchez, the actor:

The Chilean is a fantastic footballer but alike his versatility on the pitch, he has some other plans to show his ability. He has already shown that he’s quite good with the piano but post retirement, Sanchez wants to become an actor and that is the reason why we see him putting lots of efforts into any sort of advertisement or video is a part of, to showcase and develop his acting skills. He wishes to act as a detective in the future but considers his chance of making into Hollywood as slim because of his uncertain command of English.


  1. Life as a youngster:

In his very early days as a footballer, young Sanchez had to play the sport barefoot as his mother had difficulty in affording boots. He played a lot of time barefoot which is the reason why we see him running with little jumps even now. He got his first boots when he started to play for local team Arauco. The team was gifted booths by the Mayor of Tocopilla, who was a fan of the team which saw Sanchez receive his first pair of Reebok boots.


  1. The Santa of Tocopilla:

Tocopilla and Sanchez share a deep and affectionate bond which is why the Chilean is seen to visit the City every Christmas. Sanchez tries to help the city and its citizens in his own way and is normally found with his friends and the mayor, standing on the back of a float handing out presents to the children present in the village.


  1. Special as a Kid:

Earlier Sanchez used to be known as ‘El Nino Maravilla’ which meant ‘The Wonder Kid’. As he grew his nicknamed changed to ‘ardilla’ meaning ‘squirrel’ courtesy his acrobatics and tendency to climb on the roofs of houses and up on the trees. He used to jump into gardens and sneak away into difficult places just to find his football just how a squirrel roams around.


  1. Hometown Star:

Sanchez is a very famous figure in his hometown of Tocopilla. He not only has a street on his name but also a statue built to credit his honor. A street previously known as ‘Cuarta Poniente’, the place where Cancha Lazareto football was located was chosen and voted by the residents of the city Tocopilla to be called as Calle Alexis Sanchez.


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