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Why Aymeric Laporte could be the best signing of January 2018 Premier League 

Why Aymeric Laporte could be the best signing of January 2018?

  1. Defensive abilities:

Manchester City have been phenomenal this season in front of the goal. That being said, they have looked a bit shaky when they don’t have the possession they crave and have struggled against a good counter attacking team. Laporte is definitely a good defensive player as he reads the game well and is very good with his positioning. Having already played 222 games at the age of 23 in the La Liga, he has a good experience at the top level and will be immensely helpful at City.

  1. Young talented player:

Laporte has earned a lot of plaudits at the age of just 23. Having gained a lot of experience at the senior level, Laporte is already developing very well. With a manager like Pep Guardiola, Laporte can only get better and it will not take long before he reaches his prime. He has his best of years ahead of him and even though the fee paid for him looks high, it is a good investment considering the bright future Laporte has.

  1. Comparatively cheap signing:

The transfer windows have been crazy especially considering the last summer when Neymar was sold to PSG. Ever since then, the Premier League has seen some huge transfers done. In all fairness, any player that comes to the Premier League has always cost more because of the league’s reputation. In a league, where Virgil Van Djik was sold for £75 million to Liverpool, Laporte’s signing seems cheaper given the Frenchman is the younger one and potentially a better player considering the experience both players have had.

  1. Left footed centre back:

The Frenchman has been quite solid at the back for Athletic Bilbao and one of the most important fact is that Laporte is left footed. There are very few left footed centre backs currently in the league and having one alongside Otamendi will only strengthen City’s backline. Laporte can also play as a left back which will only provide Guardiola more flexibility in case he needs one in case of injuries or suspensions.

  1. Increases chances of more silverware:

With John Stones and Vincent Kompany frequently getting injured and Mangala sent on loan to Everton, Pep Guardiola needs a very good option to stabilize his shaky backline. With the Champions League returning in February, Laporte’s involvement will only increase with time. With his tall figure, Laporte will be a deadly presence in set-pieces and also helping in defense of set-pieces. Laporte’s ball-playing abilities too will be very beneficial for Pep especially when they need someone to build the game from the back.


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