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Cristiano Ronaldo’s records that Lionel Messi may never break La Liga World Football 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s records that Lionel Messi may never break


  1. Score more than 50 goals for six seasons in a row:

There’s certainly no point comparing two of the best players in the world but some records and stats are going to be unbreakable. Ever since his move to the Galacticos in 2009, Ronaldo has been ruthless in front of the goal. Barring his first season, Ronaldo has managed to score 50+ goals for six consecutive seasons while Messi has been able to do for five seasons in a row. This is something very unlikely that Messi can compete with.


  1. Champions League success:

The Portuguese captain has been a lethal scorer in the Premier League, La Liga and also the Champions League. It has been a rough season for him in the La Liga but he has been once again unstoppable in the Champions League. He remains the only player in the European tournament to score in every match of the group stage and also the only one to score 15+ in a calendar year in this prestigious tournament. To add to this record, he remains the only one to score in 8 consecutive games. It is a tedious record for Messi to overcome or level with.


  1. More than 60 goals:

Ronaldo’s brutal record in front of the goal has been no secret and although Messi has the record of scoring 50 or more goals in seven calendar years, the Portuguese has managed to equal that record he also holds the record of scoring more than 60 goals for four consecutive years i.e. from 2011 to 2014. This is certainly not going to be possible for Messi to level in the near future.


  1. International success:

If there has been one strong criticism against Messi, it has been his performances for the Argentine national team. He has failed to win a silverware, the closest coming to the World Cup finals in the 2014 World Cup. Ronaldo has enjoyed good amount of success with the Portuguese national team. May it be his success in the Euro 2016 or the third place finish in the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. Ronaldo has scored 79 goals for his national team, while Messi has scored 61, which is quite a difference between the two.


  1. Goals per game ratio:

This has been a tough one but Ronaldo manages to narrowly outclass Messi in this department too. Considering a minimum of 250 games, Ronaldo has a goal per game ratio of 1.04 while Messi has a goal per game ratio of 0.91. It is a small margin but given the huge number of games involved, it is almost impossible for Messi to beat this record.


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