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Why Diego Maradona is a controversy king

Why Diego Maradona is a controversy king

7) Criticising Messi for retiring

One Argentine legend apparently was forthcoming in his criticism for his fellow compatriot at a time when support would have been way more appropriate. After losing three finals, Messi decided to call it quits for Argentina only to come back after a few months which did not go down well among many in the football world; however, Maradona took it to an entirely new level claiming that Messi had planned the entire thing and that he should not have retired in the first place.

6) Showing the finger

The Argentine is an ardent football fan which is understandable but there are certain limits to which even someone with a prestigious legacy like Maradona must stick to.  When Messi gave Nigeria the lead, the entire Argentine fan support went berserk and after Rojo’s goal, the same continued but Maradona was once again on a different level. He responded by showing the middle finger live on tv does grabbing the attention in the process.  His celebration went viral on social media the following day as well.

5) Kicked a fan

Footballers are global stars. The fans look up to them for inspiration and the footballers must behave as role models for them. While the likes of Carrick, Lampard and Schweinsteiger have been the epitome of that with their behaviour, the same cannot be said for Maradona, who has time and time again touched the level of stupidity. One such incident happened when Maradona was busy getting himself clicked in front of a poster in Dubai during his time with Al Wasl. When a fan interrupted in that moment, Maradona responded by kicking the fan’s hand.

4) Slapping a journalist

Another incident when Maradona shamed his legacy was when he stood up to a journalist in the middle of an interview. The journalist had allegedly winked at Maradona’s girlfriend to which the Argentine got overly concerned. So much so that he stepped out of his car and asked the journalist as to why did he do that. He also responded in the worst possible manner by slapping the journalist in front of the media.

3) Telling Pele that Messi lacks personality

It is actually not an easy task to figure out just what exactly does Maradona think about Messi. On one hand, he is always full of praises for the Barca star claiming that he is his true successor. And then on the other hand, in an event alongside Pele, Maradona claimed that while Messi is an incredibly talented player he lacks the personality to be the leader. It is difficult to imagine what Argentina would do without Messi, after all, it was his hat-trick that brought Argentina to the world cup in the first place.

2) “Don’t come back”

Read Steven Gerrard’s thought about England’s on-going quest for the World Cup and then read Maradona’s thoughts days before Argentina’s Copa America 2016 final and you would know what we are trying to say here. A true legend of the game, Maradona was a national hero during his time and for a person of his stature and following, words of motivation have twice the effect that they would have coming from a normal person. Instead, Maradona heaped more pressure on  Messi and Argentina claiming that they must win the title else not think about returning to Argentina.

1)Blasting England

There is and always be a certain level of animosity between Maradona and England given their history. It was Maradona’s hand of God against England that set the flow for Argentina to go on and win the World Cup that year. 32 years and 8 editions later, and English football still believe that Argentina cheated their way towards the title. And Maradona too himself is not a big fan of England. After England knocked Colombia on penalties, Maradona ridiculed the referee arguing that he was nowhere up to the mark to referee in that game. He also told Gianni Infantino that FIFA had not been transparent and the English players were divers.

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