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Goalkeepers who have made grave mistakes at major tournament finals

5)Oliver Kahn: Germany 0-2 Brazil – 2002 World Cup Final

The German shotstopper was one of its kind back in his playing days. Having virtually carried the Germans to the final on his own, Kahn had been a rock at the back. Deservedly, Kahn was going to receive the Lev Yashvin award for the best goalkeeper of the tournament having conceded a solitary goal until the 66th minute of the final, when a rampant shot from Rivaldo was only pushed right into the path of Ronaldo by the legendary Bayern goalkeeper. Ronaldo unremittingly took his chance with grace and ended the game with two goals to his name. Kahn cut a despondent figure post the end of the game as Brazil lifted the world cup.

4)Luis Arconada: Spain 0-2 France – Euro 1984 Final

Luis Arconada was set for a career crossroads at the Euros of ’84, after what had been a more than disappointing World cup a couple of years ago. The Spaniard did everything right to rebuild his reputation, performing admirably however, like Kahn, Arconada had a freakish moment when a Michele Platini free-kick went past between his legs. Les Blues were gifted the opening goal and in the end, the match ended with French lifting the title while Spain were left ruing their chances.


3)David Seaman: Arsenal 1-2 Real Zaragoza – 1995 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup Final

One of the best goalkeepers of his time, David Seaman had an illustrious career. With Arsenal, Seaman had made a name for himself which also earned him a starting spot in the three lions’ squad. However, Seaman had one weird moment which he must surely carry till date when in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup final, Seaman conceded a goal from 45-yards out. Caught off guard, Zaragoza capitalised on Seaman’s off moment, to score winning goal in the last minute leaving Arsenal in shatters.


2)Loris Karius: Liverpool 1-3 Real Madrid – UEFA Champions League Final 2018

When one talks about the Champions league final of 2018 years from now, they will still be talking about Karius’ errors rather than Gareth Bale’s overhead strike. It is only Karius’ horrendous errors which could mask Bale’s strike, which in many ways, was the best goal ever scored in the Champions league final. The German rolled the ball into Benzema’s feet as Liverpool conceded an unthinkable goal. About 20 minutes later, Karius again had an unforgettable moment as Bale’s striker went between his hands. At the end of the game, Karius showed great character to go up to the fans and apologise for his gaffe; however, the blunders are bound to live with him forever.


1)Moacir Barbosa Nascimento: Brazil 1-2 Uruguay – 1950 World Cup Final

Dubbed as the crime, Moacir Barbosa committed an error of a lifetime, when in a game against Uruguay, needing only a draw for the World Cup win, Barbosa anticipated the shot poorly. The ball went in towards the near post as Barbosa and the entire nation were left stunned. Before the game, Brazil had already been touted as Champions by local newspaper, O Mundo. Till date, Brazilians have not forgotten the moment. Once, Barbosa was even refrained from training sessions with the national team with many claiming he was bad omen. How a little mistake can turn your life upside down can be better understood by Barbosa’s poor luck.


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