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Why Harry Kane must make the switch to Real Madrid: Premier League 

Why Harry Kane must make the switch to Real Madrid

  1. Grow his reputation:

As of today, Harry Kane is considered as one of the best strikers in the world. There’s very little doubt about his abilities and one can definitely say that Kane would succeed anywhere else if he wishes to. Moving to Madrid is a dream coming for most players and Kane would cherish it too. Playing for Madrid would mean playing in a different league and different set of players and succeeding with them would be a different and special achievement in itself.

  1. Better contract:

Football isn’t about money but when a player moves to Real Madrid, it definitely means that there would be a significant upgrade in his payroll. Kane currently earns £120,000 a week at Tottenham while the players who have been scoring on a similar level like him at least earn 200% more than what Kane does. A better salary isn’t going to tempt Madrid to move away from Spurs but it is surely a positive if he decides to join Madrid.

  1. More exposure and experience:

As things stand right now, Tottenham are struggling to stay in the top four of the Premier League. Spurs are not that regular a participant in the Champions League while Madrid are consistently seen challenging strongly in the Champions League. This is something Kane doesn’t witness that often. Also, playing for Madrid would mean playing with different world class players which would only improve Kane’s game, helping him to take it to another level.

  1. Future Captain:

Kane is already a leader at Spurs irrespective if he contributes with goals or not. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and other senior players ageing at Madrid, Harry Kane can and will surely have the responsibility of leading the Los Blancos in the near future with the speed at which he’s developing and maturing. That being said, it wouldn’t be that easy to lead Madrid given the expectations of the fans and the club management, but nonetheless it would be a massive challenging factor for the Englishman.

  1. Trophies:

Kane was found stating in the recent past that he like any other player would love to win trophies and it is understandable given what he has to offer. Unfortunately, in the last four years, Spurs have managed to win nothing which is a growing concern for Kane. Kane has been a regular winner of the Golden Boot but has no trophies to show off. At Madrid, it is unlikely that the same thing would happen. Madrid have won 12 trophies in the last four years and it is unlikely that they would go trophyless for a long time.

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