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How we pick football predictions

<h2>Our football predictions</h2>

Here at English football info we provide predictions and betting tips for all kinds of football including the Premier League (EPL), the English Championship, the football league and the FA Cup. All our football predictions are in the form of betting tips and this tips come from professional tipsters with over 100 years of experience of gambling and finding winning tips.  Our tipsters all use a host of methods in order to find the very best betting tips and predictions for all the English football games. They will thoroughly research each game to assess what has the best chance of winning and where and if the bookmaker has got the odds wrong. Then when the tipster has decided the value is in a be the will post it as his pick. The balance is finding a bet you think will win but also one which has value in it. This is where the experienced gambler comes in after years of experience our tipsters can see when a bookmaker has made a pricing mistake and take the value from the game.


<h2>How we pick our tips</h2>

Out betting tips are picked in a very methodical manner each tipster has his own method and then each tip is discussed within the group to see who is correct. Our tipsters will first start by analysing all the stats on the game, this begins with form which includes assessing the home and away form and goals scored with either. Once we have assessed the current form we then use the same method for assessing the head 2 head form, often this is important as some teams have real issues with other teams so it is always important to check this. After we have been through all the form we then check the injury news and team news, it is important to know who is playing and who is not as 1/2 players can make a huge difference to a game, it’s also important to check which of these players is in form and even the booking record as if a player is one booking away from a ban then they may not be as committed. Once you have done all this you need to check the managers head to head record often some managers have the beating of others which ever club they are at. The last thing to always check is the weather and stadium conditions, if the weather is going to be bad it’s not worth backing goals or if the pitch is frozen or water logged its tough to play good football on and may be easier to get a card. All of these things must be taken into consideration as they may decide on whether or not it is a good bet or a bad bet going forward.


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