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Why Jose Mourinho needs to win the FA Cup 2018 Premier League 

Why Jose Mourinho needs to win the FA Cup 2018

  1. Antonio Conte rivalry:

The feud between Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte was no secret. Both the manager lashed out at each other in their respective conferences. Chelsea were going through a bad run at that moment and it only fueled the fire more between the two managers. Manchester United did amazingly well in the reverse fixture this year when they came back from 1-0 down to win the game against Chelsea at Old Trafford. It was a master class by Jose Mourinho and he will be itching to do the same against the Chelsea manager in the FA Cup final. Conte is already under a lot of scrutiny given how the season has played out for the last season’s Premier League Champions. It is most likely that the Italian might be sacked at the end of the season and this is the right opportunity for Mourinho to capitalize and hurt the former Juventus manager. It is no secret that Jose will do everything possible under his belt to beat his opposite number at Wembley. Get all the latest world cup free bets here.

  1. His track record:

Jose Mourinho is all about winning trophies and even with the new challenge he is facing at Manchester United, Jose has managed to win a couple of trophies. It is only natural that he will go all guns blazing to win the only silverware opportunity available to him this season in the FA Cup final against Chelsea. United are currently in the second position in the Premier League and are most likely to end at that position only, which is the best they have achieved in the League post Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. That being said, it is always expected from United to win the Premier league and that is something Jose has to focus on next season. With United only having the FA Cup to win in this season, Jose needs to win it desperately to achieve something substantial this season. The progress is seen with United but nothing helps more than winning a trophy and that is why Jose needs to beat Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

  1. To catch up with Arsenal in the FA Cup:

Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal haven’t been that successful in the last decade or so but they have managed to extend their good run in the FA Cup and won a total of 13 FA Cup trophies in their history. United have won 12 FA Cup trophies in total and a victory in the final against Chelsea would bring them on level terms with Arsenal and make them the joint highest trophy winner in the tournament. Achieving this feat when Arsene Wenger retires would only make it more sweet and more memorable for Jose Mourinho and therefore, one should expect a tactical brilliance from the Portuguese in the FA Cup final.

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