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Neymar and Cavani penalty dispute spark a major outlash

The Brazilian had seemed to assert his domination in the French Ligue and quickly became a crowd favourite while pulling off flicks and tricks now and then. However, the enigmatic Brazilian was under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons as he had an on-field dispute with Cavani over who should take the freekick.

Dani Alves took matters into his own hands and gave the ball to Neymar after ignoring Cavani’s protest. Neymar’s hit was a poor one, and the temperature seemed to have settled down. Tensions simmered when Neymar stamped his authority yet again and wanted to take the penalty. Cavani shrugged him off and stepped up for it. As Karma would have it, Cavani missed from the spot albeit an excellent save. Neymar has been subject to criticism due to his attitude and eccentric nature asserting himself above everybody. Pundits have backed Cavani due to his seniority, but asked the pair to talk it out during practise sessions rather than starting a brawl on-field.

Poor Liverpool crash out of league cup

Liverpool might be one of the most exciting sides in the Premier League, but they certainly lack the determination to win and play dirty when needed. The Reds faced Leicester in the League Cup, and the team sheet showed a massive difference between the two teams. Liverpool started strongly and played some exquisite football with Solanke being flanked by Coutinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain. Liverpool missed few glorious chances and had Leicester by their throat before the interval.

With Coutinho being replaced by Woodburn, Leicester suddenly seemed to get a stranglehold on the game with DemaraiGray playing exceptional football. Things turned worse for Liverpool when Okazaki cruised past Ward, and Slimani added a cherry to the cake after rifling a thunderous shot past Ward. In their bid to play exceptional football, Klopp needs to remind itself the needs to be an EPL Champion and play accordingly.

Lukaku chants are loathsome

Romelu Lukaku is already a crowd favourite at Old Trafford, and the Red Devils stalwarts have voiced their liking by composing a chant in tribute to their deadly striker. However, they overdid it, and the chants are racist and discriminating harming the goodwill of the game.

With Anti-Racism campaign garnering appreciation from all around the World, it is hurting to see one of the biggest fanbases finding their chants funny and encouraging. Filled with innuendos and racist remarks, pundits have hammered the fanbase. Lukaku has not issued any official statement, and it looks like the Belgian does not want to tick off the supporters. At the moment, Lukaku is going through a purple patch, and the fans need to stop chanting such remarks and focus on getting the best out of him.


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