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Managers who can help Lionel Messi win the World Cup

Manuel Pellegrini:

The Chilean has an abundance of experience and helped Manchester City to a Premier League title, and found success in almost every club that he has coached. Tactically brilliant, Pellegrini is known to have a calm demeanour, which he uses to cut short the eccentricity among players and help them play as a team.

Pellegrini has worked with Zabaleta and Aguero, helping him understand the two players well, and his style of managing will help Argentina as he would like to play Lionel Messi in a more pivotal role like he did with David Silva in Manchester United.


Mauricio Pochettino:

The Argentine has been a revelation with his time at Tottenham. He has managed Spurs as one of the most exciting clubs in Europe and definitely the best in England as per playing style. He does not only like his players to press high up the field, but help his deeper midfielders and defenders to pack a resolute defensive display.

Argentina’s midfield woes have hampered the likes of Lionel Messi and Di Maria as they need to drop deeper than usual to win possession. Pochettino’s attacking flair will lit up the Argentine attack that boasts of Dybala, Icardi, Aguero, and of course Lionel Messi. He would also like to form a strong defensive duo in the shape of Otamendi and Garay if not Mascherano.


Guus Hiddink:

Perhaps one of the most underrated managers and a surprise edition to the list, Hiddink does have a distinctive career. The Dutchman likes to play a more European style of football that involves a coherent midfield, a no-nonsense defensive display, and counter-attacking skills. He has managed the likes of Real Madrid and Chelsea only for short terms, but he has helped both teams in the time of crisis.

Hiddink’s style of managing will enable Argentina field a tougher starting eleven where Messi could be deployed as a number 10, a position that he has revelled in the last couple of seasons. The Dutchman will breathe a new life into a highly talented yet clueless Argentina national team.


Diego Simeone:

One of World’s best managers right now, Simeone has taken Atletico Madrid from rags to riches. His antics on the sidelines pumped up pep talks, and eye for glory makes him one of the hottest prospects in the World. The former Argentine captain is a leader in its true sense and an admirer of Lionel Messi.

Argentina could well use his services as his ethics, and tactical versatility have turned Atletico Madrid into one of World’s premier clubs. Messi has played with Simeone and will look to have his compatriot by his side to lead their nation to a third World Cup title.


Jorge Sampaoli:

Sampaoli has time and again made it clear that he wants to coach Argentina and especially Lionel Messi. The Argentine is leading the race and can become the new manager of his nation. He helped Chile to their maiden Copa America trophy defeating Argentina in 2015 and has changed the playing style of Sevilla since joining.

He believes in all-out attacking football and gives freedom to his players much like Pochettino. With Messi and Sampaoli’s footballing brains, it will make a dazzling pair that could well lead Argentina to their elusive third World title. 

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