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Why Patrice Evra suggests not to ever accept Cristiano Ronaldo's lunch invitation? La Liga Premier League World Football 

Why Patrice Evra suggests not to ever accept Cristiano Ronaldo’s lunch invitation?

Why Patrice Evra suggests not to ever accept Cristiano Ronaldo’s lunch invitation?

Drink and dine with Ronaldo? Beware, it’s a trap

Cristiano Ronaldo is human, but his determination and grit knows no bound. The boy from Madeira never knew how to lose. His constant battle to be the best, his desire to stay at the top for a prolonged time makes him a superhuman. Ronaldo started his career at Sporting CP, but it was at Manchester United where he grew up as a superstar. A tricky winger, whose uncatchable pace, excellent dribbling abilities, and ability to hit knuckleballs at will made him count as one of the best.

This is where he made friends, but he was never the one to invest heavily on leisure time, and his teammate from the time, Patrice Evra had quite a tale to tell about his Portuguese superstar. He said that once Rio Ferdinand had beaten Ronaldo to a table tennis match which is obviously a nothing deal had it happen to us, because come on it is a mere game of TT, but Ronaldo is no us. He went with his cousin, got himself a TT table, practiced for a week or two, and then challenged Ferdinand for a replay? The result? God forbid, he won it as usual.

Evra had another tale, this one a tad personal. One fine day after training Ronaldo invited Evra to his home for dinner. A famished and party loving Evra could not say no to it and gleefully accepted it. Little did he know, by dinner Cristiano meant salad and plain chicken. What’s worse? He made Evra practice two touches with him and then asked him to join for a swimming session and a little cardio. Imagine, being in the place of Evra where you could only helplessly nod and wait for the ordeal to be ever.

Such is Ronaldo’s tale of greatness. There is no alternative to hardwork in quest for success, but Ronaldo has taken it to a whole new level. He is not that dazzling youngster anymore who would terrorize defenders and mock them near the corner flag. With age and time, he has moulded into a box player, who plays with fewer touches and relies on his lethal finishing. Dribbling is a huge part of football and has an aesthetic appeal to it, but Ronaldo knows to win dribbling alone would not help.


He has moulded himself into the role of a finisher, yet against Spain he clocked 38.6 km/h at the age of 33 and his one touch game flourished although the team around him could not keep up the tempo. Ronaldo’s hunger to win everything in the World may turn futile, as they often do, but this may be his best chance of shining in the World Cup and may be lift the only trophy that has eluded him and his nation.

Not your humble guy is Cristiano Ronaldo, but there are few people as inspiring as the Portuguese and it is his outwardly compassion and veracity for the game that makes him superhuman among the ordinary ones.

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