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Why Paul Pogba may stay at Manchester United?

  1. The power of Manchester United:

Paul Pogba has come through the ranks of United’s youth academy. He has trained with some of United’s greatest players and knows how important it is for United to be amongst the trophy winners. Even though things haven’t looked as good as it should be for United, Pogba would know that a club like United wouldn’t settle unless it reaches the standard it has set for itself over the years and it is that dream to win trophies with United that will tempt him to stay at United.

  1. Pogba-Mourinho situation overhyped:

Pogba and Jose Mourinho are two strong personalities in the world of football. It is not necessary that they should have the same opinion or a similar line of thinking process. They are likely to have a difference in opinion but the current situation seems to have blown out of proportion. Yes, Pogba needs to be more consistent but it is very unlikely that there would be a huge rift between him and Mourinho because of that. They are professionals and more importantly they respect each other more than anything.

  1. Clubs will struggle to buy Pogba:

With the FFP rules in play, clubs are more wary about their signings than they ever were. Even in a hypothetical situation where Pogba is on sale, it is not going to be easy for any club to buy him. United won’t put a reasonable price on the Frenchman as the market has seen worse players go at an unbelievable price. This would make it very difficult for clubs like PSG and Manchester City to comply with the FFP and discourage their interest to sign Pogba.

  1. His love for the club:

There is no denial of the fact that Paul Pogba loves United dearly and the same can be told for United fans who love Pogba immensely. After a remarkable comeback against Manchester City this month, Pogba was seen showing his thankful gestures to the fans for supporting the club and the players. He also signaled to not to believe in the rumors circulating in the newspapers. No player would do that unless he loved the club. It is not easy to get the same love a player gets from Manchester United fans which Pogba knows pretty well.

  1. Future leader:

Paul Pogba is the player of both the present and the future. He knows that a lot of responsibilities are bestowed upon him only to make him as a leading example on the pitch. Pogba is one day expected to become the leader of the Manchester United club and this is something he would definitely know well. He has the ability to become one of the best players in the world on a consistent basis and having a player like him lead the club would only make the club achieve more success. It is difficult to see Pogba give up a hell lot of things and move to another club as it is likely that he will definitely stay at United.


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