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Players who can replace the irreplaceable James Milner

Kerem Demirbay

Kerem Demirbay is a German player and used to play for the Borussia Dortmund youth team while JurgenKlopp was managing the senior team. He was never promoted to the first team though. But he has turned out to be Hoffenheim’s best central midfielder this season. He has good vision and Demirbay is a powerhouse. He is a really productive player and will cover Milner duties as a goal scorer at Liverpool. Demirbay has transformed into a star player and has caught the eye of his former manager. He has a better defense record than Milner and has been involved in 10 goals for Hoffenheim this season. His goal scoring abilities are therefore potent but the only problem is his passing. Stats show that he has completed only 80 per cent of his deliveries but he is still young and can improve on that.

James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez started his career off as a superstar. He was signed by Real Madrid from AS Monaco in 2014 for a huge sum of €80 million. Since then he has found himself at the deep end of the pool with a very uncertain future ahead. Real Madrid are willing to sell him for half the price they bought him for to ByernMunchen but the German giants are yet to trigger the release clause. Liverpool is also looking to secure James Rodriguez’s services as he and James Milner has shared a similar career path. They started off as players on the flanks but has since moved in to a more central midfield role and that might be what is required if Rodriguez is to replace Milner at Anfield. Rodriguez is definitely worse at defending than James Milner but offensively he is all set to be an upgrade. His passing accuracy and key assist stats are better than Millner. He has also scored more goals than Milner in the League.

Adrien Rabiot

Frenchman Adrian Rabiot is considered one of the best midfielders right now. But given his unfortunate situation at PSG where the club has decided to freeze him out due to his refusal for a contract extension he is a difficult target to succeed at. Nevertheless Rabiot has been on Liverpool’s radar for quite some time now, Adrian Rabiot has an excellent vision and his productivity is beyond question. He has great passing skills and accuracy and has been instrumental in the success of world megastars like Neymar Jr. and KylianMbappe last season at PSG. Due to his ongoing scuffle with PSG he has just started 12 games in the League 1 but even then his stats has been impressive with him completing 93 per cent of his passes on average. He has also been involved in 3 goals for the club this season. He is better defensively than James Milner and his stats prove the same with him averaging 2.3 tackles per game and 0.7 interceptions per game this season. If Liverpool can secure his services he will nullify Milner’s weakness in visualising long passes while still maintaining Milner’s defensive presence on field. If he comes in as a free transfer he is probably the best deal to replace the Englishman.

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