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Playrs who are hindering Solksjaer’s United a UCL finish

David De Gea

DDG has been the saving grace for Manchester United for the past four seasons now. He is no doubt one of the best goal keepers in the world but he has seen a dip in his form in the current season and save for a few occasions where he has performed up to his potential this has largely been a failed campaign for him. But on the occasions that he has performed he has shown flashes of his brilliance and has shown just exactly why United are so desperate to keep him on. But in the recent past his passing has looked mediocre at best, his handling has been shaky and his exceptional reflexes looked worn out. Since his return from the World Cup campaign with France where he could not secure as much glory his form has been off while wearing the United colours. Solskjaer needs to find a way to motivate his star keeper soon or put him on the bench for a while. Also his contract situation needs to be looked into and he should be made the top earner of the club since he is quite obviously the only world class player Manchester United have in their ranks.

Ashley Young

Young has been the worst player on Manchester United’s playing eleven for the past seven games and should be the first player that caretaker manager Solskjaer should look to drop from the first team. It is really surprising that inspite of the consistent array of poor performances the manager has not yet dropped him from the first eleven. In fact it makes one wonder how bad the Portuguese youngster DiogoDalot is to be not able to secure match time in place of Ashley Young. Young has always been there for United since he was bought and has served his club loyally. But football cannot depend on emotions alone and United should cut their losses and start to look to the future. DiogoDalot is a future prospect for Manchester United but he should really be used more consistently by the manager than the sub par performing ageing Ashley Young.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba has shown flashes of his brilliance on field from time to time but his tenure at Manchester United has been inconsistent. With Zidane’s return to the Santiago Bernabeu rumours of Pogba moving to Real Madrid has escalated and right now Paul Pogba is playing like someone whose head has been turned from Manchester United. Since Solskjaer took over from Mourinho Paul Pogba has been his go to option in the midfield and to good effect. Pogba was controlling the mid field, bullying opponents and providing with goals and assists. Solskjaer looked like the one who had finally unlocked Pogba’s potential at United. Ole has been quoted saying that he is not worried about Pogba’s form but a top 4 finish will require some worrying on that front. In the best of his form Pau Pogba is arguably one of the best midfielders in the world today but that is not what he has given Manchester United.

Nemanja Matic

Nemanja Matic is one of the most senior players on the Manchester United side which relatively on an average a young side. Matic being a senior player should be quite dependable but his form portrays differently. He was a dependable the last season which in this season he has yet to live up to. His passing has been poor and he is failing at his job of protecting the back four. He looked back in form for a while after Solskjaer took over from Jose Mourinho but a short injury spell has seen him go back to his poorer form. Scot McTominay on the other hand did a great job while Matic was out with injury and the manager might be tempted to drop Matic for McTominay in the recent future.

Anthony Martial

Anthony Martial was a beneficiary of the manager change and his form was getting better after the appointment of Solskjaer as manager. But since then he too has suffered an injury and has not played with the same zeal. He put one in the back of the net against Watford but he did mighty little that game with a really poor form. He was labouring to make things happen and he was holding onto the ball for too long and trying to do too much with his feet. Martial being a really young player can still improve and be better and also the club does not want to lose faith so early. Also the fact that United does not have anyone good for the striker position means Martial should really pull up his socks and get his head in the game.

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