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Records from Cristiano Ronaldo that Lionel Messi may never break

All trophies both team and individual won at two clubs

Cristiano Ronaldo became the first man to win all the trophies both individual and team  with his win at the Club World Cup in the 2014/15 campaign twice. It was with Manchester United where he achieved this feat once but that was equalled by Messi with his own trophy record with Barcelona. But Ronaldo one upped his arch rival by posting a second similar achievement with Real Madrid. Achieving this is no easy feat seeing that the football greats like Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima and Zidane have never won every trophy available during the course of their illustrious careers. This is some thing Messi can never equal partly because of his reluctance and hesitation to leave Barcelona and partly because of the magnitude of Ronaldo’s feat.

 50+ goals across all competitions for six consecutive years

Cristiano Ronaldo is a goal scoring machine and that is only confirmed by the fact that starting from the 2010/11 season to 2015/16 season he has managed to find the net at least 50 times for Real Madrid across all competitions. This is a feat not like;y to be surpassed by Lionel Messi owing to the fact that he has achieved this feat in a row only three times which is half of that of Ronaldo’s massive tally of six. And given the fact that if Messi has to break this record of Ronaldo’s now he would have to start scoring 50+ goals from this season and has to do it for the next six season which though the Argentine legend has made the impossible look possible would be near unachievable and therefore this is one record that is safe from the clutches of Lionel Messi.

40+ goals a season in two of the top leagues in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo had a perfect campaign in the English Premier League with Manchester United in the 2007/8 season. He achieved a massive feat of scoring 53 goals in the 2010/11 season with real Madrid in the La Liga and become the first player to score 40+ goals a season in the top 5 leagues of the world. But this is a feat not impossible for the argentine wizard Messi but this seems and insurmountable task for him due to his reluctance to leave Barcelona. Cristiano Ronaldo is at 20 goals this season with Juventus and with half the season left he could easily improve his count to three.

Top scorer in the Champions League for 6 consecutive seasons

Cristiano Ronaldo has always delivered on the main stage and Champions League is the greatest of them stages in club football. Cristiano Ronaldo has come out the top scorer in 6 consecutive Champions Leagues and while this feat is also achieved by Messi three times yet it falls short of Ronaldo’s six which is double that of Messi’s personal best. It looks increasingly unlikely for Messi to be able to break the record because he would have to be top scorer till 2024 starting from this season and seeing that he is in his early thirties and will be 40 by then, the record seems quite safe.

 First player to be included in the FIFA World XI for three separate teams

Ronaldo has been picked on the FIFA World XI almost constantly since 2004. He has been picked on the side 13 times which is also a record. But in 2018 he was again picked for the FIFA World XI making him only the second man to ever achieve this feat. Previously this was a feat only managed by Zlatan Ibrahimovich. But though it is a joint record its still a record almost ompossible for Messi to break. Messi has been a Barcelona star all his life and it seems highly unlikely that he would play for any other club. Though some of the feats are based on Messi’s reluctance to move to a different club the achievements take nothing away from Ronaldo nonetheless which goes to show how he can perform in different clubs, in different leagues , countries and systems which would always tip the rivalry a little towards Ronaldo’s favour.

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