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Should Manchester United sack Jose Mourinho?

  1. Not good enough Plan B

Manchester United have struggled to be more creative this season especially when teams have gone too defensive against them. While that is not an excuse, it is certainly more evident that they don’t have an effective Plan B especially when they are on the losing end. Jose Mourinho’s men rely way too much on long balls and the physicality of their players in the dying moments of the game to create something special. It may have worked in Europe for a bit, but it certainly isn’t helpful in the league.

  1. Poor record against the top 6

One of the most annoying thing as a United fan has been their performance against the bigger teams. Ever since Mourinho took over, United have managed to record only one away win against the top six and won only six points from a potential 24 points. And it is not only in the Premier League alone but also in the Champions League that the team has struggled away. If this is the case right now, imagine what it would be like when United face some of the European giants. United surely aren’t up to face the big teams the way they are going right now.

  1. Youngsters struggling

It is not only about the young players that are at present at United but also the ones who think to join United are intimated by the Jose Mourinho factor. It is amazing how a player of Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford’s quality can flourish immensely under a boring style adopted by Louis Van Gaal but cannot be successful under a more adventurous manager like Jose Mourinho. The same can be said for Luke Shaw, and maybe it is Jose’s tactics and mentality that are hindering them and their progress.

  1. United may lose potential targets

With Jose Mourinho in charge, he has surely attracted some of the big names in football, but with the way things are now, it is safe to say that not many top players will be keen to join United. United already have a world class player in Paul Pogba who has found it difficult to flourish on his return to United. It is maybe the style of football that Jose has brought that is becoming the problem, and it will discourage other players from joining United.

  1. United’s dull style of play

Barring the initial phase of the Premier League, United have looked quite dull on the field, failing to create and take advantage of the possession they have had. United have lacked that cutting edge and creativity that massively separates them from their neighbours. Mourinho has gone for a defensive approach and restrained to take the risk needed to win vital points especially against the bigger teams. This cannot be the approach from a United manager, and it is time United and fans deserve to witness some free-flowing attacking style of football.  

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