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Premier League 

The longest unbeaten streaks in the Premier League

11 wins – Chelsea (April to September 2009)

After a tumultuous 2008-09 season under Felipe Scolari, Roman Abramovich sacked Scolari at the fag end of the season. Guus Hiddink, their crisis man had to step up and play as an Interim manager.

Chelsea finished the league with 5 consecutive wins. The new season saw Carlo Ancelotti take up the charges and he tasted success immediately. Chelsea won the first 6 league matches on the trot, taking the tally up to 11 wins in a row before losing their streak to Wigan Athletic. For all the very best horse racing picks check this article out.

11 wins – Manchester City (April to September 2015)

Manchester City much like the previous two seasons failed to live up to the expectations that they had shown at the start of their season. However, 2014 and 2015 season saw them win 11 games in a row.

West Ham suffered a 2-0 defeat at Etihad and City then finished strongly with 4 more wins to their name. 2015 held on to the pattern and City won their first 6 matches and many thought them to clinch the League with games to spare. However, as fate would turn out to be, West Ham defeated City 2-1 at Etihad and ended their run. This started a collapse and City finished fourth which also saw the sacking of Manuel Pelligrini.

11 wins – Manchester United (December 2008 to March 2009)

Manchester United had won the last two premier league titles, but the 2008-09 season saw them stuttering at 3rd position. On 26th December 2008 Manchester United won 1-0 against Stoke City and their dream run starter henceforth.

They won their next 10 matches in an emphatic fashion before a 4-1 drubbing at the hands of Liverpool who were supposed to win the league. It was Alex Ferguson’s side who won their third league title in as many years.

11 wins – Liverpool (February to April 2014)

The 2013-14 season was an almost perfect season for Liverpool. They were nearing the league title and players some of the most exhilarating football. They won 11 on the trot which started with a 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal.

Liverpool scored an astonishing 38 goals during those 11 matches led by Luis Suarez and Sturridge. It was the 2-0 defeat against Chelsea that ended their run and hope of lifting the title.

12 wins – Manchester United (March to August 2000)

Manchester United under Sir Alex was full of vigor and character. They completed their elusive treble hunt the previous season and looked on course to win the league the next season. With a 3-1 win against Derby County they stamped their authority and won the next 11 games emphatically.

United then drew against Ipswich Town 1-1 which ended their winning streak but they did not flounder and went on to win the title.

14 wins – Arsenal (February to August 2002).

Arsenal might be ridiculed nowadays, but back in early 2000, Arsenal used to wreck menace for every team that they faced. The 2002 team was one such example. They won 14 in a row, which was decisive as they went on to win the league.

It includes a 2-0 win over Manchester United. Arsenal produced precisive and pleasing football back then and were worthy champions.


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