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Top footballers who hate Jose Mourinho

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Once a midfield warrior whose technical abilities were next to none, was subjected to humiliation when Mourinho sent him to train with the U-23 squad. Bastian left Munich in 2015 to join United under Louis Van Gaal, but could not cement his pace in a physically dominant league. When Van Gaal left it seemed like Bastian would get a chance to prove his worth, but his position deteriorated, and he found himself training with the U-23s before being left out of Europa League squad.

He may not have been at the peak of his powers but subjecting to such humiliation would see any player lose his cool; fortunately, Bastian did not. He left for Chicago Fire and will end his career there.


Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is among the best midfielders in the World for quite some time now. He is already a Manchester City legend and a Belgian legend alongside Eden Hazard. However, 5 years back this wasn’t the case as he was struggling for first team football under Jose Mourinho, then coach of Chelsea. Mourinho had praised his own decision of letting De Bruyne leave for Wolfsburg as he said KDB is a whimsical kid and is bad at training. He will surely ponder over his comment, and for De Bruyne he has hardly anything to prove.


Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw is a Manchester United graduate and was deemed as a prodigy from an early age, but then Jose Mourinho happened. Shaw got off to a great start to his professional career as he could bomb forward and was full of energy. His injury against PSV Eindhoven was a focal point, but he soon made a comeback, but by that time Mourinho made his mind. Luke Shaw is now spending most of his time on the bench. Ashley Young a right footed player is asked to fill in the left back duties, despite having a traditional left back warming the bench, says a lot about their relation.


Samuel Eto’o

Eto’o was one of the best modern-day strikers in the World at his peak. He peaked with FC Barcelona and followed his success with Inter. This is where he met Mourinho and formed a formidable partnership. He followed him soon when the Portuguese left for Chelsea, but this where things started to turn sour. Mourinho once joked about Eto’o’ age which didn’t go down well with the striker and he quipped back saying he may be 50 but he can still score. He later published a book where he wrote about the pair’s constant fallout.


Iker Casillas

A true legend and once the best goalkeeper in the World, Iker Casillas didn’t get the farewell he deserved after serving Real Madrid for more than 15 years. Things spiralled downwards in 2011 when before the Clasico game Mourinho doubted Iker’s girl friend had let the Barcelona players know about the starting XI. After the game the Portuguese eye-poked Tito Vilanova, then manager of FC Barcelona. Being a gentleman Iker had tried to cool things down by texting opposition players, but this was seen as an act of treachery and he was labelled as an egotist.

Casillas has always been a gentleman and said that he never spoke about it publicly, but people know what happened and they never had a good relationship.



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