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Why Manchester United should sign Alvaro Morata instead of Antoine Griezmann

A cheaper buy

It would baffle many as how £64 million could be a cheap amount, but given the transfer situation that the footballing World is going through, it is certainly an affordable one. That is the amount Real is asking for Morata, and it would make sense rather than going after the £90+ million Griezmann.

Mourinho would be looking to bolster his back line while strengthening his central midfield and flanks. Jose will also look to seal the deal with James Rodriguez, and Morata has hinted that he would love to play with the Colombian again. Manchester are ready to go big on both of them, which will be sensible rather than spending half the amount on Griezmann. James and Morata have linked superbly this season in the limited games they played together.


A better poacher

Antoine Griezmann is a gem of a player and could be considered one of the best in the game at present. However, he could never be a like for like replacement for Ibrahimovic. Griezmann likes to play as a second striker or a number 10 at times, and United is keener on racking up their goal tally more than anything else.

Morata, who has played fewer minutes compared to Benzema, but scored the second highest number of goals and possesses the poacher’s instinct, a quality that Griezmann hasn’t honed till now. Morata is exceptional in finding spaces, and his ability to draw defenders is an additive to any attacking side.


Mourinho-Morata saga

It might be a tad exaggeration to name it as a saga, but Morata and Mourinho did pair well when the latter was in charge of Real Madrid. In fact, Morata was handed his official debut by Mourinho back in 2010. The Portuguese would love to have Morata by his side again.

He is one of the few players that Mourinho could groom in a star-studded Real Madrid line-up making it easier for both of them to bond yet again. Morata has spoken highly of Jose in the past, and the latter remains to be an admirer of the Spanish striker.


Playing style

The powerful Spanish centre-forward who is blessed with excellent technical abilities as well as a robust physique allowing him to hold the ball when playing as a lone striker. Griezmann lacks all the physical attributes making it tougher for him to adjust to English conditions.

Morata is also blessed with sheer pace and can be lethal during counter-attacks. Moreover, Morata is one of the better headers in World football and with Pogba in the team and crossing flying in from the flanks, Morata could be a menace to deal with in the box. A quality that makes Morata a typical modern day striker is his composure on the ball and dribbling ability.

This helps him to drop on the flanks and take on defenders and set up opportunities to onrushing midfielders. Morata boasts of excellent work-rate, an attribute Griezmann never possessed. Mourinho believes in playing dirty, and Morata is just the right guy for him as his competitive mentality and dynamism will boost Manchester United’s chances in the League and Europe.

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