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Why Paul Pogba could own the Premier League this season

  1. Boost in confidence

It was wonderful to see Paul Pogba back at Manchester United last season, but it wasn’t the best of circumstances for him to return. David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal had both failed to take United where they belong. In his first season, Pogba did well but was not close to his best, and it was seen in his confidence. He got easily frustrated and was criticised by many, yet he ended up with three trophies at United last season. This has boosted his confidence, and it is evident in his game play which makes him even more dangerous.

  1. Jose’s second season

It is Jose Mourinho’s second season at Manchester United, and we all know how successful a manager he has been in his second season. May it be Porto, Real Madrid, Inter Milan or Chelsea, he has won trophies every single time in his second season at the mentioned clubs. He could be very dominant this season and could use Pogba as his most lethal weapon. He is trying to make his team game around Pogba which can be as dangerous as it can get.

  1. Price tag doesn’t matter anymore

Pogba had to face severe criticism last season as some of the critics didn’t feel that he justified his transfer fee. It somewhat was bothering Pogba psychologically yet he didn’t let it get to him. This season not only has he bounced back stronger but also the transfer of Neymar to Paris Saint Germain has taken the burden of the price tag on him and transferred upon Neymar. Pogba will have lesser critics to deal with and can totally concentrate on his own game.

  1. Chemistry with Lukaku

We all know how vital Pogba was in bringing Lukaku to Manchester United. His on and off the pitch chemistry with the Belgian is fantastic. The pair can be dangerous together, and it is already seen in United’s performances in the first two matches. Both the players are involved in goals and assist and it is about time Lukaku and Pogba link up to cause more destruction on the pitch. Pogba can very well be the perfect feeder to Lukaku and it can see goals galore for United.

  1. Luxury to attack

It was strange how Matic was allowed to join United this season from Chelsea. Matic is the perfect player for United as they wanted a strong and aggressive holding midfielder to fill in Carrick’s boots in the near future. The signing of Matic only means that Pogba will be relaxed from some of his defensive duties and can go all out to attack and show his abilities up front. Pogba’s talent is immense, and with this freedom, he is expected to dominate the Premier League this season.

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