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Why Wayne Rooney did the right thing by joining Everton

  1. Way back to the England national team

It already looked unlikely that in spite of being the England national team captain that Rooney would get to play regularly for the national team. It was necessary for him to play regularly at the club level and that too play well to impress Southgate to start him every match. At United, it looked unlikely that that would happen. With the World Cup not that far away, Rooney needed to get a deserved chance to prove, and Everton is where he can do exactly that.

  1. Become the lethal striker he once was

What Wayne Rooney did for Manchester United cannot be described in words. He was a beast of a striker before he had to adapt to other duties with other players leaving the club. The Englishman rose to any such challenge and helped the club to succeed. In the process, Rooney has somewhat lost his touch as a striker, but that will not be the case at Everton. He has the opportunity to redefine himself as a striker and get back to his best.

  1. Less focus on him, less problems

At United, Rooney was quite often made the scapegoat, and it was majorly pertaining to the massive wages he was earning. At Everton, he took a pay cut to move back to his boyhood club, and it was a significant gesture from a player of Rooney’s caliber. This would not only take the focus away from him but also take away some needless criticism, helping him focus on his career and game.

  1. Ronald Koeman’s belief:

Post Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, Wayne Rooney has faced a mixed spell at United especially with the managers at United. While David Moyes favored Rooney a lot, the same cannot be told about Van Gaal. Jose Mourinho did respect Rooney but did not trust the Englishman with more game time as much as Rooney would have liked. Ronald Koeman has shown some strong belief through his comments for Rooney, and it is what Rooney desperately needs. The backing of the manager can do wonders to a player, and hopefully, it should do the same to Wayne.

  1. Everton roots:

We have known what Everton has meant to Rooney ever since he has been a football player. He was raised in a family of Everton fans and his love for Everton was never in doubt. At Manchester United, he obviously couldn’t continue showing his love for the Merseyside club, but now that he is back, he can truly express his love and enjoy his game more than ever.


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