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Why there will never be another invincibles team like Wenger’s Arsenal

Competition around:

It was unbelievable what Arsene Wenger did with his ‘Invincbile’ squad. Going unbeaten in a season is a very difficult task and having achieved that takes a lot of efforts. Football has changed a lot since Arsenal went unbeaten. Teams are more focused now on not conceding rather than scoring. The counter attacking style has only got strong. Teams have shown that it is not impossible to beat a stronger team with the analysis and study around and it sure does take loads of efforts to go unbeaten.

Difficult to stay consistent:

Teams nowadays are giving their all in every competition they are participating. With the squad depth the top teams are having, it is almost impossible to expect that a certain team will go unbeaten. Having said that, a team is likely to lose one or two of their key players due to injuries because of the tight schedule. Also, one thing that the Invincibles managed to do was being consistent in front of the goal which cannot be achieved regularly given the defensive setup these days.

Unpredictable Minnows:

Earlier, the dominant teams were very lethal especially with the teams struggling in the league. Arsenal used to thrash the relegation threatened teams but that isn’t the same case now. The relegation threatened teams are stronger these days with their intent and are very unpredictable with their style of play. Crystal Palace started this season with at least nine games without a win but it seems that they will end up safely in the league now. It speaks volumes of how dangerous such teams are and they cannot be written off playing against any team.

Congested fixtures:

As big an issue it is for teams these days, there is no immediate solution for the stringent fixtures these days. The missing of the winter break in the Premier League has only made things worse for the English teams. With domestic cup tournaments and the Champions League going on, it is observed that it takes a huge toll on teams when it comes to rotating players and keeping them fit. For a team to go unbeaten in the league it is only best if teams are totally focused on the league and not anything else.

Lack in balance of squad:

The Invincibles squad was a complete squad with brilliant players in each department. May it be in the defense, midfield or the attack, Arsenal had some of the best players in every department. Nowadays, even the best European teams have their weaknesses in some or the other area which is sooner or later exploited in the season. It was a rare occasion where a team was so balanced like the Invincibles squad and it is very unlikely to be repeated again.

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