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Why Willian must be the most important signing for Manchester United next season?

He is consistent

Willian isn’t your Eden Hazard or Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, but he is a talented player with sublime feet and excellent work rate. He has been in Chelsea’s books since 2013, and has won two Premier League titles. Even when he isn’t able to find spaces or reduced to bits and parts, he always looks for the ball and retains possession, a trait that also enables him to play on the left side of midfield.

He was a hit with Mourinho because of his underrated ball retention capability and undying energy. He has seldom put up a dismal performance, and always make up with his other traits. Willian was excellent when Chelsea finished 10th in 2015-16, and never let down the fans and the club.


The Chelsea Manchester transfer saga

Matic deal was a steal for the Red Devils as he has shown why he is considered one of the best in his position. Letting Willian go will be a big mistake, but that will also mean Chelsea left with little or no option on the bench, and their ever reliance on Hazard  will increase. Mourinho will bite back Chelsea with Willian and Matic at his dispense and Chelsea will be left ruing their decision making.


An excellent right winger

Willian started as an out and out winger, and with pace by his side he can easily dribble past player or take on the wing backs at will. He showed against Barcelona that his quick feet paired with gaming intelligence make him a menace on the right side of the pitch.

United has had their issues with a technical winger on the right side as Rashford, Mata, Lingaard, and Sanchez haven’t been at their best when played on the right hand side. This has not aided Valencia who has been a standout performer this season. Willian’s ability to help out full backs, and Valencia’s bullying runs could well make United a formidable force.


One of the better dead-ball specialists in PL

Willian is a menace when taking free kicks as well and delivers delicious crosses from the corner and long distance free kicks as well. United possess some of the tallest and brawny men, but they are failing to culminate something fruitful.

Willian has been reduced to a mere spectator this season with Alonso and Hazard taking over set-piece duties, but he is always in there among the best in PL, and with Lukaku in Mourinho’s side, the tall Belgian would love to form a Kroos-Ramos partnership with him.


Mourinho trusts

There are a few players Jose Mourinho has been less critical about in his coaching career. Willian belongs to such a rare breed. An eye candy of Mourinho, Willian has always been in Mourinho’s plans when he was at the helm of Chelsea. The Portuguese would relish to work with his devoted man. Mourinho and Willian complement each other brilliantly, and that would also reduce United’s overuse of Sanchez. Willian and Matic were two of Jose’s best men, and if he could snap them up, United could well go on to win the league and make themselves heard at the European stage.

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